Using activity theory in the study of educational serious games

Here I describe a model for analyzing serious games based on activity theory. The model can also be used for serious game design as a tool to evaluate prototypes. This post is a short summary of an academic article published in Computers & Education (link in the text). An important part of my PhD research […] Continue Reading »

A mind map of open standards relevant to Serious Games

It’s been less than two months since I started my PhD. I’m a new student, and my broad research topic, Serious Games, is also new to me. Unsurprisingly, I’m still unable to see clearly to where I should point my future research, and even less so to identify the thread that connects what I had […] Continue Reading »

And this is where it starts…

I am one of those people. Yes, those, who consider themselves writers. Even though I have never published anything I have written – other than, of course, academic work – I know I am a writer. Because I see my world in prose. When I am especially happy, the prose turns into poetry. I describe […] Continue Reading »