Quality attributes for serious games – questionnaire

I’m now wrapping up my PhD research. The last stage of my work is focused on the development of tools to support the design and development of serious games. More specifically, I am collecting a set of requirements and quality attributes for serious game to develop (and evaluate) a reference architecture for service-oriented serious games. […] Continue Reading »

ICALT2015 wrap up: striving for real impact

The 15th IEEE International Conference on Advanced Learning Technologies (ICALT2015) happened last week, from July 6-9 in Hualien, Taiwan. I had the opportunity to go and present my paper on the service-oriented architecture framework for serious games (and the paper got a best paper award! :) ). In this post, I try to provide a short wrap-up of […] Continue Reading »

Using activity theory in the study of educational serious games

Here I describe a model for analyzing serious games based on activity theory. The model can also be used for serious game design as a tool to evaluate prototypes. This post is a short summary of an academic article published in Computers & Education (link in the text). An important part of my PhD research […] Continue Reading »

Building a SOA framework for serious games – ICALT 2015 presentation

In this post, I describe my work in defining a service-oriented architecture (SOA) framework for serious games. It is a summary of the paper that was presented in the 15th IEEE International Conference on Advanced Learning Technologies (ICALT2015) in Hualien, Taiwan. This work received a best full paper award in the event. If you are […] Continue Reading »

Evaluation of serious games models

As I posted earlier, part of my PhD research is dedicated to the theory behind how gaming and pedagogical elements are connected to each other in a serious game to reach the game’s educational goals. I am now running a questionnaire in which I try to compare two models for serious games analysis, to collect experts’ perceptions on […] Continue Reading »

“What’s your PhD about?”, one year later

One year and a few months ago I wrote a post trying to explain the topic of my PhD. I would like to give a small follow up on how that evolved. To recap, I wrote that my topic was developing a tool to automatically capture and represent over time the emotional states of players in a collaborative Serious […] Continue Reading »

Ubuntu 12.04, Banco do Brasil e Certificado A3

(This post is in Portuguese, as it is only relevant to readers in Brazil.) Hoje consegui colocar o Ubuntu e meu eCPF da Certisign para conversarem com o Banco do Brasil, finalmente. Até então, eu estava tendo que usar o dual boot para o Windows só para pagar a conta do cartão de crédito… Aqui […] Continue Reading »

Call for Papers: Second International Workshop on Collaboration and Gaming (CoGames 2014)

As part of The 2014 International Conference on Collaboration Technologies and Systems (CTS 2014) http://cts2014.cisedu.info, In Cooperation with ACM, IEEE, and IFIP (Pending) May 19-23, 2014 The Commons Hotel, Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA Submission Deadline: December 30, 2013 Submissions could be for full papers, short papers, poster papers, or posters For more information: http://cts2014.cisedu.info/2-conference/workshops/workshop-18-cogames Scope and Objectives Development of […] Continue Reading »

Liberating annotations in Personal Documents from the Kindle

UPDATE: It seems that now the notes from personal documents also show up in the Your Highlights page. So there is no more need for all the tricks below. I’ll keep this post here just for historical reasons anyway. UPDATE 2 (01/04/2014): I’ve been making more tests and it looks like only my Paperwhite started […] Continue Reading »